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American Society Cell Biology, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA - Dec 2005


Applied Precision is the leading company in the field with 3D-Structured Illumination microscopy with currently 20 installed OMX systems worldwide.


At the ASCB 2010 Meeting in December 2011 they have launched 3 new models at a much lower price than the first OMX versions.


These new models include:


OMX V4™ SI , the new entry level System with 3D-Structured Illumination, multiple color (filter wheel), single camera system

·        X,Y resolution between 80-120 nm

·        Z resolution between 250-350 nm (depending on wavelength)

·        Improved rotary stage

·        ~5 sec for 2 um, 512x512 (exp dependant)

·        1 camera with 1 filter wheel

·        405, 488, 561 lasers standard

·        60x 1.42 NA objective


OMX V4 Monet ,

·        Localization Microscopy

·        New advanced TIRF design

·        20-50 nm resolution using Monet™ Localization Software

     Proprietary Mixed Model Algorithm for fluorophore localization

     Fewer acquisition scans needed

     Can work with photoswitchable (PALM) or photoactivatable (STORM) localization systems


OMX V4 Dual mode

·        3D-SIM

·        Monet™ Localization Microscopy

·        2 camera, 2 Filter Wheels

·        4 lasers Standard

     405 nm

     488 nm

     561 nm

     642 nm


OMX V4 Blaze

·        New light pattern generation technology (patent pending)

·        Fast 2D/3D SIM Imaging

·        <1 sec per stack

·        >20 fps 2D-SIM

·        Ultra fast widefield imaging (>100 fps)

·        New optical block design

·        5 lasers, 405, 440, 488, 514, 561

·        3 CMOS cameras standard




DeltaVision OMX®


OMX Blaze

Standard Camera/Filter Setup

2 cameras, filter drawers

1 camera + Filter wheel

3 cameras + Filter drawers

Additional Cameras*

Optional, 4 max

Optional,  4 max

Optional, 4 max

Standard Lasers

405, 488

405, 488, 561

405, 445, 488, 514, 561

Camera technology




Objective lens

100x 1.4 NA

60x 1.42 NA

60x 1.42 NA

Imaging mode

Simultaneous or Sequential


(Simultaneous with additional cameras)

Simultaneous or Sequential

TIRF Illumination




Upgrade imaging mode

OMX Blaze upgrade optional

OMX Blaze upgrade optional


Optional Accessories

DIC option, On stage sample heater. Piezo stage upgrade, optional lasers

* Additional cameras also require new filter configurations with are included in camera package



for more details see the following links:



YouTube movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNVF5TEW8dI&NR=1




OMX Labs

Click on the links below to view labs’ websites that are using DeltaVision OMX imaging systems:




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