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Company Profile

CHROMAPHOR Analysen-Technik GmbH was founded in 1995 in Duisburg as a distributor and systems integrator for innovative scientific instruments, reagents and accessories for the life sciences market. The company is focussed on microscopy, imaging and chromatography. CHROMAPHOR represents many well known international players in this business in Europe.

Our imaging products, mostly focussed around fluorescence microscopy, are widely used in physiology, cytology, pathology, molecular biology and biochemistry. 

The latest addition is the Applied Precision

DeltaVision OMX®


*       ELITE





which allow scientists to study “Living-Cell” preparations for very long periods without changing the biology or damaging the cells.

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Postal address and visiting address


CHROMAPHOR Analysen-Technik GmbH
Herbert-Moesle-Weg 4
D-46049 Oberhausen - Germany

Telefon: ++49-208-94129372

Telefax: ++49-208-84896097

E-Mail: info@chromaphor.de                       
URL:    http://www.chromaphor.de

home of CP
Foundation site of  CHROMAPHOR in Duisburg


DeltaVision OMX®  Super-Resolution Imaging

Analytica Exhibition booth



triple labelled Fluorescence image

Bright field image of histology sample


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